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Fight for Freedom

November 6, 2017

During the NFL’s My Cause, My Cleats weekend, on December 3, I want to bring awareness to Eye Heart World, and the important work they’re doing to help women who have been victims of sex trafficking, get their life back.

As early as 13 years old, some women are forced or sold into the world of sex trafficking. It’s important that women feel like they have a chance to fulfill their purpose in this world. Too many women are trapped in this underground culture of slavery that is sometimes hiding in plain sight. This cause is especially important to me, because as men we have a duty to protect and uplift women everywhere.

It is important that awareness is brought to this issue so that those who want out and want a better life, feel like they have a chance to be who they want to be. It’s up to us to make sure they are given that chance.

Eye Heart World is an organization that strives to save women from sex trafficking. They primarily operate in the Green Bay, Wisconsin area. Its mission is to provide a community where sex trafficking is not able to thrive. Victims of sex trafficking experience unspeakable trauma. As a result, they require a highly-specialized level of care.

The Rose Home, based in Green Bay, is a residential aftercare program that serves victims ages 18-25 through a holistic, strength-based approach. Treatment includes group and individual therapy, life skills courses, and workforce preparation.

The Rose Home is a place for victims to gain confidence and become empowered to live life to the fullest. You can give and learn more at


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