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New Dallas Cafe Ownership: TLC Vegan Cafe + Ty Montgomery II

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

White plate of southern vegan food, including a bowl of red beans, corn bread, greens and butter. Plate is sitting on a wooden table.

Succeeding as an athlete demands that I take care of my body. If I start slipping, it shows up in my game. And while I know most of the Live Love. community are not pro athletes, we are all working to live our lives to the best of our ability and to honor the temple God gave us. That’s why I am beyond excited to announce my new co-ownership of TLC Vegan Cafe in Dallas, Texas.

As seen on this month’s Resy Hit List , TLC Vegan Cafe offers incredible dishes that taste good and make you feel good. If you knew about “tastes like chicken” from chef Troy Gardner, TLC Vegan Kitchen is an extension of that. But if you’re new to the TLC legacy, welcome. It’s a delicious ride.

TLC offers the best vegan version of comfort foods, full of flavor and fresh but hearty dishes like lasagna made with a dairy-free ricotta-mozzarella-parmesan cheese blend and sides like brown gravy, mashed potatoes, and roasted seasonal vegetables.

In an article from the Dallas Morning News, Chef Troy said, “I wanted to create food that was approachable, and that you could eat without having to say, ‘Oh, I’m vegan.’” and the TLC menu is great for gluten-free folk as well.

The Backstory:

I never necessarily saw myself as a restaurant owner, but in February, I was on a fast and I ordered from TLC almost every day. The food was incredible and it was exactly what I needed in that season. One day, I went in-store with a friend and I saw how busy they were. I wasn’t the only one enjoying TLC, and in that moment I saw a life where I could help them win. I believe in their brand so much, and the conversation I had with Sherry and Troy about partnering with TLC was one of the easiest in my life. It just made sense.

As I step into this new journey, myself and co-owners, Troy Gardner and Sherry Copeland, are already working on expanding and perfecting what TLC has to offer Dallas including an updated menu and private events. Our Executive Chef, Chef Troy, even beat Bobby Flay in the creation of vegan perfection!

If you’re in the Dallas area or visiting, I’d love for you to try the TLC menu or join us for a meal. If you’re not you can still stay up to date with all things TLC Vegan Kitchen and support us in this next chapter through the TLC Newsletter.

Live love,


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