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“I Got Fired On My Day Off”: What I Did When the Unexpected Happened

Ty Montogmery II close up in NFL Patriots uniform

I’ve never been fired, cut, or even demoted from anything. Until it happened. At the end of training camp, I was humbled by the reality of getting cut from my team, the New England Patriots. I said it as a joke, but I really did receive the call on my day off, telling me that I had been released.

Before I get into my story, put yourself there. Put yourself back in a place where the unexpected hit you. Maybe you lost a job, or an opportunity. Maybe the path you hoped for turned left. What thoughts ran through your mind? What story came into your head about who you were? What was your response?

For a lot of people I know this would affect their sense of value and worth, and I think for an old version of me, I would say the same. That day though, something felt different.

When they told me they wanted to keep me as a practice squad player, it felt like an opportunity to keep my job and to play a role I’ve never played before. It felt like a chance to hone my craft. To go inward and work on the weak parts inside I have space to work. I thought to myself: “I’m a practice squad player today. And that doesn’t define who I am as a football player or a person.”

My thoughts continued: “It’s a strange perspective, but I believe God is giving me the grace to see things how He does, not how I would. I’m filled with gratitude. I have an opportunity to have a job, playing something that I Iove, keeping me sharp. It’s not about the fame and glory on Sundays, it’s about being the man I want to be. It’s about getting paid and providing for my son, and continuing to be the man and the player God has called me to be. This isn’t the end, in fact, I see it as a new beginning, as a new creation.”

If something has shifted or ended for you recently, I want you to consider the perspective that God is trying to give you.

The day I got released, it gave me perspective on how small the game actually is. I used to think that football was my purpose, but now I know it's a vehicle for my purpose. It’s allowed me to no longer idolize the game or success. I care more about life overall, the kingdom, my son, my mental health. And for that I’m grateful. And because of that the game is now fun again.

I’m also excited to continue to write and share more with my readers, both about football and about faith, about the church, and about relationships.

I’ve already been signed to the active roster since the day I was released, but I hope you continue to stick along for my journey, because this is just another chapter I’m excited to share.

Live love,


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Sep 25, 2023

A couple of jewels in this one:

1. Your identity is based upon your purpose, not your present situation.

2. Don't confuse your platform with your purpose. Instead, use your platform to fulfill your purpose.

Well written!



Sep 24, 2023

What a great message, this puts into perspective the lack of difference between us all. Whatever your circumstance may be, when we are stripped down to just our faith, we are all the same through Christ. I applaud you for using your platform to spread your testimony and grow faith in others. Love seeing you play, they need to put you in more! #ForeverNE

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