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Re-Introducing Myself

I’m my mom’s only biological son, but I have 17 siblings. I got to live a life most don’t because my mom took it upon herself to support those in the foster care system. It wasn’t easy at times, and life as an adult brings its own challenges, but I wouldn’t trade the love I have with every one of my brothers for the world.

Growing up in Dallas, athletics came naturally to me. I played any sport I could get my hands on but eventually a few rose to the top, including football. At Stanford, I played wide receiver and while I had been wrestling with my faith for years before this, I switched from No. 88 to No. 7 to step into a fresh start with faith.

In 2015, I was drafted to play for the Green Bay Packers, and that’s where my professional football journey began. I’ve played alongside so many incredible players and leaders along the way, and am now playing for the New England Patriots. When I think about this journey, I’m overwhelmed at how faithful God has been to me and continues to be. My story isn’t simple, but God kept me, He preserved me, and He fought for me year after year.

I have a son who’s my world. His name is Stone and he’s taught me more than anyone about unconditional love and about how God loves me. (You can see him on my IG!) I didn’t get a lot of time with my biological dad growing up, so I’m thankful to have this time with my own son. I also had a step-dad who took me as his own and I’ll never be able to repay every man and woman who’s cared for me.

All in all, you may be wondering, why a blog? The answer is simple, but it will come in parts. God is speaking to me in this new season. I’m confident my voice and my story will reach those who need it, and that together we can make a difference. I hope to share my experiences, my errors, and my wins here in living life as a man of faith, an athlete, a father, and a son of God.

Because my foster brothers and my mom’s unconditional love meant everything to me, I started an organization called My 10 Percent. My 10 Percent works to remember and empower forgotten youth all over America, and I encourage you to check it out. If you want to stay up to date with me, this is the place. And to really get into the inside circle, make sure to subscribe to my newsletter.

This is only the beginning.

Live love,


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