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TLC this Spring: Vegan Eggs Benedict Anyone?

TLC Vegan Cafe dish of waffles and berry jam with whipped topping

6-course dinners. Sold out events. Flavors and meals that bless your body and your tastebuds. This is just some of what being a restaurateur has looked like in 2024. 

Last year, I debuted my new chapter of stepping into co-ownership of TLC Vegan Cafe. This is an incredible opportunity to partner with the most talented chef, Chef Troy, to design meals that people can savor and feel good about. As an athlete, what I eat matters, so being a part of TLC has personally impacted me. 

If you’re in Dallas, I hope you’ve tried it. But if not, then you’ve likely been following the journey. TLC is another part of this season and what I’m looking to continue to invest in and learn from as I develop my business sense along with my faith. TLC has been the perfect intersection of things that matter most to me. Yet, it was never something I ever anticipated doing.

I bring this up to write to anyone who might be in a place where they aren’t sure where their own passions are compatible. It can sometimes feel like God has equipped us in ways that don’t overlap, but He does this for a reason, and He’s often paving the way for us to step into the just right roles at the just right time. It just takes consistent listening to Him to follow that leadership. 

In this first quarter of the year, we’ve seen incredible momentum at the restaurant. We celebrated a sold-out ticketed Valentine’s Dinner, and are preparing for our Easter Brunch–complete with Blueberry Belgian Waffles and Country Eggs Benedict.

I interviewed our head Chef, Chef Troy, and heard from him about where his head and heart are with TLC. “Working in the food industry is a labor of passion,” he said. “Few things are more intimate than sharing a culinary creation with someone. That is why food is at the center of celebrations, dating, and grieving. I feel honored for my food and TLC to receive such a warm reception from the vegan and non-vegan community coming in this year.”

"Few things are more intimate than sharing a culinary creation with someone. That is why food is at the center of celebrations, dating, and grieving." - Chef Troy

In this season of my life, it’s so important that everything I’m doing matters, and the people I’m doing them with feel the same. We’ve had the opportunity to raise funds for local causes through our specialty menus and creatively think about food and community, and that’s exactly how I want to invest my time and energy.

TLC plans to continue to offer curated menus and events for year ‘round celebrations, and was recently featured in D Magazine’s list of “Where to Eat the Best Vegan Food in Dallas Fort Worth”. Chef Troy shared, “Be sure to look for a variety of special events with unique menus of exotic and familiar flavors in the coming months! I plan on 2024 being a year of growth and new discovery for our team.”

Praying that you and your family have a beautiful Easter!

Live love,


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